Mercy McAuley is building a new community through athletics

Denise Harvey knew there would be challenges. As Mercy and McAuley closed their doors, shedding individual character and storied history, Mercy McAuley High School was forged. But the new school was little more than a name, a husk without cohesive identity and athletic community – fractured parts. Enter Harvey, Mercy McAuley’s newly minted athletic director. Her first order of business was making the fragmented pieces fit, and fast. The merger was announced in March of 2017 and the new school

Michigan, Ohio State Set to Battle for Justin Ahrens

In Versailles, OH, a small village tucked away in the heart of Buckeye country, an age-old war battles on. The Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes square up once more, each looking to plant another flag in the midwest. Both know the turf, and both pride themselves on snatching away talent from the other’s grasp. This time the prize is Justin Ahrens, a 3-star wing once set to don the scarlet and grey, now turned sharpshooter for hire.

Ohio State Coach Chris Holtmann and His Unorthodox Approach

In many ways, Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann has approached the Buckeyes’ non-conference schedule with curiosity, focused on establishing momentum and crafting an identity. His methodology has resembled more philosophy than mathematics. “For us, the end game is get better today, that’s really the end game,” Holtmann said. “We’ll have some goals in terms of specific measurements we want to hit, but at least in my experience, that’s when I feel like teams I’ve coached have been able to reac